Drink in the Box

For years we've toiled with the notion that there has to be a better way to travel with drinks. Most people don't like the idea of using traditional disposable juice boxes. While they are really convenient, they are not the best answer for our planet and what they contain is not what most parents would call ideal.Flimsy and cheap containers are not the solution either. They do little to improve the drinking experience and often end collecting dust in a cupboard somewhere.

So we set out to make the ultimate travel drink box. We wanted something that was really convenient, meaning it needed to travel well and could fit into lunch boxes and lunch bags easily. We knew that it had to be made of the highest type of material that was safe and durable so that it could be used and reused. Well the wait is over! Welcome to the Juice in the Box your better drink box


Healthier kids and a healthier planet, it’s what all parents want. Take a small step in that direction with Juice in the Box.

A revolutionary patented designed reusable drink box. It's safe, completely chemical free, easy to clean and comes in five beautiful colors. Think inside the box and start drinking better.


We all want our kids to be as healthy as possible. We want to give them the fuel they need to grow, learn and achieve. Our responsibility to them is to provide a well balanced diet, including the right types of drinks. Juice in the Box helps you to give them the best hydration options.


The younger generation stands to gain the most from improving our natural environment. Change comes from choices that we make. Juice in the Box will help teach kids eco-friendly habits. It will help them see that even small changes of habit can have big consequences. Buying higher quality products, that are designed to last, allows for reuse and reusing producing less garbage.