That is the mision of entrepreneurs Manon van der Molen and Patricia Stoot, founders of BrightBrands by Brightmum. As a distributor of unique products that care about the environment and health, it is the mission of BrightBrands to make the world a bit more beautiful.

It is imperative that we pollute our earth less, the whole world knows that. We would also like to contribute to this, with the delivery of our Bright Brands: smart, sustainable and beautiful products. The quality of life is also high on the agenda in our world: taking good care of yourself, being fit and paying attention to health. Drinking more water and consuming fewer sugars is one of the pillars of this. More health is also one of the pillars for our products. We search and choose a selection of brands that stand for sustainability, quality, less waste and / or more health. Together with our customers and consumers we hope to be able to make a difference in Europe within a few years. Are you joining us?


We supply our brands to resellers in Europe, with emphasis on the Benelux. We like to work together with retailers & organizations that embrace the concept of less waste and more health. With the joint mission to build up and expand our products in Europe and thus make the world a cleaner and healthier place. 

BrightBrands customers include (online) children's, eco and sports stores, gift and concept stores, cookery shops and chains. BrightBrands products are also sold as a gift item or business gift, with or without company logo. Feel free to ask about the possibilities.



BrightBrands delivers smart, sustainable, beautiful and fun products of high quality. They are conceived and developed by inventive entrepreneurs at home and abroad who want to make a difference for a cleaner and healthier world.


Every year we throw 12.5 million plastic worldwide into the sea. When do we stop this? There are so many initiatives to reduce waste and we also want to contribute to this, every bit helps. Choose a business gift or product for your own use that means less waste and a cleaner environment, then together we can make the difference and leave a better world to our next generations.


We eat and drink too many sugars, that is fixed worldwide. Unfortunately, this is mainly maintained by the industry. By consciously choosing alternatives, we can improve our health ourselves. Just by drinking more water per day and taking in fewer sugars. Start today and let our products help you.


"We’ve been working with BrightBrands for many years and continue to be impressed with their commitment to finding quality products, attention to detail and exceptional customer service.  We owe much of our success in Europe to our strong partnership."

Kirsten B. Quigley
Founder + CEO


Sales is the transfer of enthusiasm – and these ladies rock this concept!  I have always found this to be the key to success with Bright Brands as they have done a fabulous job with our Precidio products in the Benelux market.  Manon and Patricia are dedicated, forward-thinking, creative and extremely professional in how they approach the market, support their dealers, and create the BUZZ around our brands – a true recipe for success.  I highly recommend them as they excel at social media mastery and retail channel navigation while maintaining a high level of customers service, professionalism and charm.

Chris Jensen
VP Sales and Marketing
Precidio Design Inc. Canada